Baliwood 🌸

Hello from beautiful Bali!! After a long 37 hours of travel, I finally arrived last night at midnight! To give everyone some insight, my travel path started in Charlottetown where I flew just a little over two hours to Toronto. From there I flew to Seoul and that flight was a whopping 14 hours!! As a side note, there were many olympians heading to the paraolympics on my flight so that was sooo cool! I also managed to score an empty seat beside me which was AMAZING. I didn’t sleep nearly as much as I had hoped but thank goodness for the TVs on the back of the seats.

When I arrived in Seoul I was unsure of what my gate was so I checked in with a desk and she informed me that A) my flight was boarding in 20 minutes and B) I was in a completely different terminal and had to take not one, but TWO trains to get there and C) “ma’am you better run”. You know when you’re in the airport waiting for a flight and you see the people running like mad people, dashing in and around people and you sit there and think to yourself, the poor bastard… well.. that was me yesterday. Running with two large bags and having no idea where I was going. The signage was pretty good but most of it was in Korean so basically I was asking random people “WHERE IS TERMINAL 2” (yes I probably seemed crazy. I felt like it). Anyways, needless to say, I arrived at my gate, just as the lady told me the plane would be boarding, to find out that we were boarding.. IN AN HOUR. Yep. Anyways, it sure did get my adrenaline going and it sure as heck woke me up.

I boarded my plane in Seoul and the final destination was Bali! Yippee. This flight ended up being close to 8 hours in length. Prior to the flight I thought it was a shorter flight but I was wrong haha. Luckily, the flight was not full and I scored a window seat with an empty seat next to me so I actually got to lie down and sleep for about 4 hours of the flight! Which was wonderful. I also watched the movie Wonder which was really good I highly recommend it!

I stepped off the plane in Bali in wool socks and two sweaters. Let me just say that that type of clothing is not required in this climate (FYI it was 30 degrees at 1AM). I was a bit nervous about navigating through the airport but it was fairly straight forward and I was able to quickly pay for my visa and go through customs. I took a taxi to my hotel which was just about 5 minutes from the airport and boy was I happy to arrive safe and sound. I slept a total of 2 hrs last night which was not ideal, but the 12 hr time change is really throwing me off but hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.

It was a quiet day for me today, still adjusting to things but I had pizza at the restaurant downstairs for lunch and then I threw my bathing suit on and chilled by the rooftop pool all afternoon. It’s nice to be in the warmer weather!! All of the people are very frindly here and so far it has been a very welcoming environment which has been nice! Tomorrow I am changing gears and heading to Ubud for two nights before my training begins! I hope to do a bit more exploring there.

Also, something I did not know is that the sun sets around 6:40PM here! So early!

Anyways, thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes and checked in over the past few days! It has been a great journey so far and it is just the beginning. I’m so thankful for technology’s ability to help me stay connected while I am so far from home!



Bali Bound!

It’s finally here! The first leg of my journey to Bali has started!

As I sit here with butterflies in my stomach waiting to board my long flight across the globe, I can’t help but feel not only pure excitement, but some nerves are definitely starting to kick in. This will be my first solo trip, and considering the distance, it is a big one!

When I got accepted into this YTT program, I didn’t bat an eye – I was going and that was that! It was my dream afterall! Getting that acceptance email feels like forever ago and I can’t believe the day is finally here 🖤

All of my dreams and are coming true.. and honestly it feels like everything is starting to fall into place… exactly as it should! I am beyond grateful for the endless love and support from my family and most of all my lovely wife, Jess. Hey you, if you’re reading this – I miss you already okie?

I left charlottetown this morning at 6AM and am now parked in Toronto, waiting for my 14 hour flight to Seoul, Korea! How incredible it is to have the ability to fly all over the world! From there, I will board my last flight to Denpasar, Bali! I have four days to myself, to adjust to the time change and get my bearings, before my course starts on March 4th at the Bloo Lagoon in Padangbai with the amazing staff from Yoga Beyond!

Stay tuned for updates and feel free to follow along on this life changing adventure I am about to embark on! 💛🙏🏼


– chloe



I’ve recently switched up my skincare regime and am completely and utterly in love with a new brand of products. Naked Skincare and Apothecary is a small batch natural skincare company who creates products from natural and organic ingredients. They believe that when it comes to your skin, less is MORE!

As someone who has struggled with their skin for as long as they can remember, I am going to be the first to say that you NEED to check out these amazing products. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different cleansers which would either leave my skin feeling dry and tight or oily with breakouts. I know this is going to sound silly, but after my very first time using these products I felt a difference with my skin.

These products are all oil based and while I was a bit nervous to rub oil on my already oily face, the difference I have seen in my skin is incredible!

All I can say is that if you struggle with your skin, or really, if you are just looking for a more natural, minimalist skincare regime, go check out ! And for all my Canadian friends out there, this is a Canadian based company!

I decided to highlight some of my favourite products that have completely changed not only my confidence, but my complexion!!


When I used to think of toners, my mind would go to an astringent agent that would make my skin burn. This toner is literally the opposite. It is filled with witch hazel, aloe vera, lavender and tea tree oil. After cleansing my face, I spritz my face with this magical goodness and it leaves me feeling like I just left the spa every. single. time. (and who doesn’t love the smell of lavender?)



I’ve recently started incorporating the micrograins into my routine and it is my absolute favourite. It has a mixture of ground oats, apricot shells, pineapple extract, matcha green tea and ground chamomile flowers. All I have to do is add a few drops of water to the mixture and voila – instant exfoliator that leaves my skin glowing and feeling soft.



I am and always have been a huge sucker for face masks and this one is hands down my favourite that I’ve come across to date. It banishes breakouts and help control my oily skin without drying it out. It’s ingredients include activated bamboo charcoal, kaolin clay, fuller earth clay, papaya extract and tumeric powder. I love how you can play around with the mixing agents (ie. yogurt, honey, aloe vera, water).


What are you waiting for? Go check out

2018 – NEW YEAR, NEW ME?

With the start of every new year, the slogan “New Year, New Me” seems to be a popular one. In fact, there have been plenty of times that I too have started off the New Year saying that exact same thing.

But why?

Why do we feel it to be necessary to find a ‘new’ self at the beginning of each year, as if we are not already good enough? This year, 2018 for me is “New Year SAME Me”. 2017 was a year full of adventures, everlasting love and a LOT of self growth. I have grown not only as a person, but as a wife, a daughter and as a friend. I learned how to stand a little bit taller and a little bit prouder. I grew more of a backbone and learned to believe more in myself and stick up for what I believe in. I gained life experiences, took risks and most of all listened to my heart and began to follow my dreams.

2018 is a year where all of this will continue.. I will continue sticking up for myself.. I will continue to follow my dreams.. But most of all, I will continue being my most authentic self (and be proud of it).

What will 2018 bring for you?


“Let go of everything that doesn’t let your soul sing.” 

I forever struggle with any kind of backbends. I am not bendy and have suffered from chronic back pain for many years. Today I had a breakthrough in my practice and I couldn’t be more excited!!
Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

Today, I took a step back, and reflected on some of the things that I love and am grateful for everyday.I consider myself very fortunate to be grateful for so many things in life. To name a few:

The most caring, understanding and supportive wife-to-be,

The best family,

True friendships,

My health,

Snuggles on the couch,

Coffee on a Sunday morning,

Camping under the stars,

Real belly laughs,

Waffles, pancakes, (and more waffles),

The ability to be able to get on my mat everyday and do yoga,

Spontaneous adventures,

And the list could go on and on and on..

It is so easy in the passing of our days to overlook the little joys and moments. Over the years, I have learned to try and slow things down. To appreciate how beautiful the sun looks shining through the window in the evening, or the expression on someone’s face when they are doing something they love.

I challenge everyone who might be reading this, to take a moment and reflect on some of the things that you are grateful for not just today, but everyday 💗🙏🏼