Singapore ✌🏼

Jess and I ended up having a 24hr layover in Singapore on our travels from Bali to Thailand and were very fortunate to be able to spend a bit of time in this beautiful spot!

Although we were there for literally a day (so a very quick visit), I thought it would be fun to do a quick blurb on some things I learned during our adventures.


1- Beer is very expensive.. like 16 CAD dollars for a glass expensive.

2- It is a very tourist friendly area with lots of walking trails and options to rent bicycles and scooters.

3- I felt safe there the entire time, even when we were walking back to our hotel late at night.

4- When it rains.. it POURS.

5- Beware of the sketchy street rice with unknown meat mixed in (may have contributed to some sore bellies).

6- All of the buildings and architecture are beautiful!! Very modern and futuresque.

7- The gardens downtown were absolutely stunning.. oh and they have very large lizards!

8- The Singapore dollar is basically 1:1 with the Canadian dollar!

9- Their Starbucks had a really good cookies and cream muffins filled with chocolate (I drool).

10- Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to live!

While Singapore may not be a spot that we would return to for a long stay, I’m really glad we had the chance to do some exploring around the main areas. We had a lovely time visiting the gardens, doing all the touristy things, watching the light show at night on the water and finishing it off with a lovely meal (and of course grabbing some Starbucks for good measure on the way to the airport the next morning!)

Now that we can check Singapore off our list of places we’ve been.. I wonder where to next?

Patara Elephant Farm

The experience we had at Patara Elephant Rescue was by far the highlight of my trip to Thailand. As a tourist, you need to be mindful of the attractions you choose to participate in, especially with elephant sanctuaries, as there have been reports of abuse to the elephants with certain companies. Of course we didn’t want to support or experience anything like that, so Jess spent many hours (bless her) researching different sanctuaries and that’s when she found Patara.

When we first arrived at the sanctuary, we were able to spend some time with the baby elephants and their mommas. They were sooo cute and one was definitely a little cranky (he stepped on Sarah’s foot)! We were able to get up close and touch them, and then we watched them eat lunch and finally have a bath. It was so funny to watch the baby elephants rolling around in the tub of water – they absolutely loved it!

After our time with the babies came the fun part! Patara Elephant Farm offers a special kind of interactive experience with the elephants that’s called “elephant owner for a day” which is exactly that. Jess and I got paired up with an elephant and the two of us spent an entire half a day with our new buddy “Poon”. Poon was an 11yr old male and definitely had lots of personality. He was large and in charge and absolutely LOVED bananas.

We learned how to properly approach Poon, how to feed him, how to check if he was healthy, and communicate through different commands. We then learned how to get the elephant to lie down on its side (he was definitely relaxing) and we got to spend some time brushing all the dirt off his back. Once most of the dirt was off, we walked him down to the river and gave him a bath! We had to scrub down his skin and make sure all the debris was off so rocks wouldn’t get lodged in his skin and cause an infection!

After the river bath, we were then taught how to climb up on top of Poon. Some of the research that we did about elephant riding was that it is extremely painful for the elephants if the baskets you sit in are on top of their backs. The experience with Patara was a bit different in the sense that it was bare-back which makes it a lot more comfortable for the elephants. The thing I didn’t realize until I climbed on top was how tall an elephant sits! It’s crazy! Poon helped me up with his foot and Jess and I both got to experience riding him through the jungle. Poon definitely got distracted a few times went went off course trying to get some leaves to eat and brought us along for the ride – hitting our heads on tree branches!! He then was upset that his other elephant friend got ahead of him while he was off having a snack and decided to start running (off the course again) to try and pass the other elephant so he could lead the pack once again. It was quite the experience for Jess and I 😂😂

I’ve always been drawn to elephants but being able to interact with them and be that close has changed my perspective of them so much. They are such graceful, magical creatures. I felt as though when I looked into Poon’s eyes that he was actually seeing me for who I was. He moved with such grace and it was so wonderful to see them all play in the river and interact with each other.

The entire experience at this elephant rescue was amazing. For anyone travelling to Thailand or planning a trip in the future, I highly recommend this sanctuary. And if you are not in the area of this one, please please do your research and ensure you are choosing an ethical and kind farm.

As Patara states, “We encourage people to try, atleast once in their lives, to experience this very special and sacred animal that should be treasured. Give yourself an opportunity to share a once in a lifetime experience with the elephants; you will be touched by their beautiful hearts and will be brought closer to their special world”.

Bali Bliss 💗

Well, a lot has happened since my last blog post. First and foremost, Jess and I have FINALLY been reunited after a long 5 weeks apart. Honestly I am not sure how we did it.. but we did! And now that we are back together all feels right again.

Jess’ flight arrived at midnight and I picked her up at the airport. The next morning we caught a ferry at 8:30AM and arrived on Gili Trawangan at around noon. All I can say is that spot was pure bliss. Beaches for days, lots of restaurants and cafes and of course all the beautiful views. We were a bit hesitant to stay on Gili T as we heard it was more of the party island, however the location of our hotel (Sadev Resort) was away from all the hustle and bustle but still close to all of the action when we wanted it! It was perfect!

One of my most favorite parts of Gili T is that there’s no vehicles. We were able to rent bicycles and spent one day biking around the entire island! We stopped at lots of cute little inlets and swam to cool off from the heat of the sun. We were also very fortunate to spend a day snorkelling with a boat tour. We saw tons of fish, some coral and we even swam with sea turtles (amazing). The sunrises and sunsets were truly stunning and I felt so blessed to be able to spend time on this magical place. I highly recommend this destination for anyone travelling to Bali!

After Gili T we took the ferry back to Padangbai and took a shuttle to Ubud. Our stay in Ubud was short and sweet but it was filled with excitement. When we arrived to our hotel we were greeted with lots of monkeys, big and small, and even got to see baby monkeys with their mamas. Not going to lie, we were a bit nervous having heard of people getting bit and the fact that monkeys can carry rabies, so we were careful. Our full day in Ubud was spent exploring the city centre. We wanted to see some rice terraces and luckily for our lonely planet book, we were able to locate one just outside of the centre that was supposedly a nice “leisurely” walk. Well that walk quickly turned into a 2 hr hike up a mountain in the dead heat (one we were not prepared for) and ended up with some pretty bad blisters on our feet – yikes! However, the view at the top was definitely worth every step and we gladly cheers with some beer (and then took a taxi back down because we just could not even think about walking for another two hours hehe). We ended up spending the rest of the day browsing the market and making a few purchases to remember our time spent here. It’s always interesting to hit up the markets in different countries, especially with all the bartering you have to do!!

Although we both discussed being terrified of the monkeys, we were told the Sacred Monkey Forest was worth the trip because of the incredible views inside. We decided we would give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. Well. I personally don’t see what the fuss was all about haha!! Basically there were monkeys EVERYWHERE. People were trying to touch the monkeys, feed the monkeys and get pictures with the monkeys. We watched one monkey run after one guy showing all his teeth and another run and jump on a woman. The real kicker was when there was a group of 4 teens ahead of us (luckily we decided to turn around) because we all of a sudden heard screaming and the girl was bleeding and had been bitten by a monkey on her hand and behind her ear! That was basically the extent of our monkey forest experience and we both agreed to leave and not go back 🙊

After Ubud, we headed to Uluwatu and we most definitely didn’t know what we had in store for us! We debated between a few spots for our last bit of the trip and chose to go with Uluwatu and boy am I glad we did! Jess found a GEM of a spot that was located down a cliff and literally overlooked the ocean. Uluwatu is known for its surfing, and right away when we arrived we noticed this chill, laid back atmosphere that we loved. Not only that, but the accommodations were simply amazing and the food was to die for.

The beach “cove” that we were located on was right in between Padang Padang beach and Dream land beach and each day we had our own little inlet within the rocks. It felt like we had our very own private beach! I’ve visited many beaches while being in Bali and this one was by far the nicest. Not only the cleanest, but the sand was so soft and the water was very clear. Safe to say we spent our days beaching it up and the evenings we explored Uluwatu and went out for dinner. It definitely was a place to unwind and RELAX and that’s exactly what we did. I think after all the hustle and bustle from the following days, we both needed to just veg. Our time spent in Uluwatu was magical and I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone travelling to Bali (and check out Dreamsea Surf Camp for some amazing accommodations)!

We are onto our next set of adventures.. who knows where they will take us!

With love and gratitude,

Chloe 💗 (and thanks to Jess for all of the amazing photos!)

Sanur, solo travelling and that wife life 🌏

Oh Sanur! I’ve enjoyed my short time here immensely! From all the little coffee spots, the yummy foods and of course friendly people. It’s definitely not as busy as Ubud (which I love) but there are still plenty of things around to do and lots to see.

I chose to visit Sanur because I read up on it as a “old beach town” and that pretty much summed it up for me! I didn’t come here and expect to do much other than relax and reflect and stick my nose in a book. Every morning after breakfast I’ve been walking down to the beach and plunking myself down in the sand. I absolutely love being by the ocean – there is something so soothing about hearing the waves crash on the shore… maybe it reminds me of home?

The beach has been quiet in the mornings which I love. Not many people around. Because of Bali’s problem with the amount of plastic and no way of getting rid of it, it has made me sad to see the amount of trash around the areas I’ve visited – especially the beaches. During my training we actually did a beach clean up at two different beaches and the amount of garbage was unbelievable. We were in the water picking up the plastic bags, cups, straws just about everything you could imagine and just when I thought I got it all, I would turn back around and another wave would bring more stuff in. It definitely has been an eye opening experience for me and has made me think twice about that plastic straw in my drink or the plastic bag I get from the supermarket.

Anyways, back to Sanur’s beach, I was surprised with the cleanliness compared to the other beaches in Padangbai we visited! It’s a long stretch of soft, white sand and the areas I walked were pretty clear of trash. A few straws here and there but for the most part it was ok. I noticed a few plastic bags floating in the water while I was swimming but nowhere near to what I saw at the previous beaches. Perhaps they are better at hiding it here? Or maybe they are more conscious of the plastic. Either way – it was a better beach experience and gave me peace of mind (even though I’m sure at the bottom of the ocean there is more than what’s visible to the naked eye).

Apart from the beach, I’ve been spending some time lounging by my hotel pool which is quite lovely. They have large loungers with comfy cushions and play music at the pool bar (multiple Taylor Swift songs played so I was a happy camper).

The food around here (from what I’ve experienced so far) is delicious. A lot of cute coffee spots and a lot of restaurants use all fresh, natural ingredients! I also hit up this Italian spot one night for wood fire pizza and it was so tasty. They also had a gelato bar which had over 50 flavours of gelato so naturally I had to get dessert on the way out 😏

So back to the “old beach town”, I would say that pretty much sums up my experience here so far. Lots of rest and relaxation and of course reading. Being a solo traveller, I’ve not once felt unsafe or in danger during my travels through Bali. Every single person here has been friendly and even walking alone at night I don’t get that “creepy” feeling you get sometimes in the pit of your stomach.

Which brings me to the next topic I wanted to discuss (I briefly mentioned it over on my Instagram post yesterday.


Ooooof. What can I say? Not going to lie I used to envy solo travellers. Not that I wanted to purposely leave my loved ones behind and go on a trip all by myself, but I found it brave and daring to jump on a plane and explore the world all alone.

My whole journey hasn’t been a solo one, however I’ve had time alone before my course started, and now, waiting for Jess to arrive. I’ve always enjoyed my own company and often describe myself as more of an independent person. However, these past few days I’ve come to realize that solo travelling is just not for me (AND THATS OKAY!!).

I’ve very much appreciated all the time I’ve spent with my thoughts, and I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone (travelling or at home).. however, I am ready for some much needed company from my wife. I was sitting at a restaurant the other night staring at the empty chair across from me while surrounded by all these tables of people chatting and laughing, eating a delicious pizza, only to think.. well this sorta stinks! One may call me selfish.. and don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for all of the things I’ve seen and experiences I’ve been able to do.. but the thing is.. I wish I had someone to share all of these things with! And so while I may not be envious of solo travelling anymore.. kudos to all you peeps out there that love it and continue to explore the globe alone! 🌏

And all I’ve got to say is hurry up Jess and get your ass over here so we can start adventuring the world together!! The countdown is almost over because TOMORROW NIGHT I pick Jess up at the Bali airport!!!

I’m not going to lie, being apart for these past five weeks have been very hard on me. When I decided to embark on my yoga journey, I had a lot of fears and a lot of doubts. There is one thing though, that I never feared or never doubted, and that was our relationship. When people heard we would be separated for almost six weeks, they always asked me, “how are you going to manage to be apart for that long?”. To be honest, I just k n e w that we would be okay. ✨

The gratefulness I feel to have someone wholeheartedly believe in me and support all my hopes and dreams is truly the best feeling in the entire world. This whole process of being apart and trusting the journey has provided me with a complete and utter unwavering trust in our relationship and love. I am so blessed to have found someone who loves me as I am, who pushes me to be the very best version of myself, and who encourages me to fly literally across the globe to follow my dreams. Oh, and you know the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder”? Whoever said that was 110% correct.

So here I am, waiting patiently for one more day to pass until we are finally reunited!!

Well, this post turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, so if you made it to the end THANK YOU. Although I’ve already been gone for a month, the second half of my trip is just about to start! Bali, Singapore and Thailand.. here we come! 🤟🏼🤟🏼

With love and gratitude,


You are loved, all is well 💗

Over the past few days, I’ve been able to spend some time reflecting on my yoga teacher training journey but am struggling to put into words all of the magic and goodness I’ve experienced over the last month. For many years, I’ve hummed and hahhed whether I should do my teacher training, where to do it, and whether to choose an immersive program or one that stretched out over a few months. However, the timing never seemed right. I came up with excuses for myself as to why I couldn’t do it or why I wasn’t fit to be a yoga teacher. Time passed, I had spurts that I didn’t step on my mat for some time, and then learned to fall in love with yoga all over again.

The moment I decided to apply for my training was the moment I KNEW this was exactly what I was supposed to do. I still remember the exact moment I filled out the long application form and clicking the ‘submit’ button at the end. I guess you could say that’s when the nerves started kicking in a bit. Then I started telling myself that I probably wouldn’t get accepted into that specific program and whatever happened would happen for a reason. Well, a few weeks later I did get the answer I was hoping for and I knew at that very moment that I was going to Bali to become a yoga teacher *cue happy dance*.

The next few months leading up to the course were a blur. I told people about my trip but honestly it was like it didn’t actually sink in for me yet. The days were getting numbered and then it finally hit me. I’m leaving home for 2 months and travelling to the other side of the world by myself and following my hopes and dreams to become a yoga teacher.

And so the journey began. I travelled from PEI all the way to Bali by myself. I explored around the Kuta area before making my way to Ubud. In Ubud I made some monkey friends and seriously struggled with some loneliness and asked myself what the hell I was doing. From Ubud, I travelled to the Bloo Lagoon in Padangbai and that’s where everything started.

I met my new month long family and checked into my home away from home. I was nervous and scared but I had trust in the journey. I finally got the privilege to meet the two individuals that have been inspiring me since day 1 in my yoga practice and obviously had a bit of a fangirl moment. We were up early every morning for a 90 minute class and then had long lectures during the day and into the nights. I faced spiders bigger than my hand and had a run in with a python snake. We had the chance to immerse ourselves in some of the cultural traditions around the village and I now have a new appreciation for those who live in Bali. We laughed, we cried, we danced and we sang. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I overcame my fears. I met lifelong friends that I will cherish forever. We filled our brains up with all the knowledge we could soak in and were then put to the test. We celebrated, we reflected and then finally.. we did it!

I blinked, and the month was over. Just like that. All of the love, hard work, dedication, sweat and tears that poured out of me over the past few weeks were then flowing back into me in the forms of love, gratitude, hope, and trust.

I’m searching for the correct words for this experience but all that comes to my mind is GRATEFUL. The early morning practices and long days filled with lectures taught me a lot of self discipline. The spiders, the snakes and all the creepy crawlies taught me that I’m strong and can overcome my fears if I try hard enough. Watching my yoga practice evolve and feeling not only physically stronger, but mentally as well. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets reminding me that each day is a gift in itself. The wonderful humans I was surrounded by proved that family doesn’t have to be by blood. Trusting myself and trusting my journey because following your heart is one of the most empowering things you can do. But most of all, reflecting and growing as a human. Opening my heart to a world of endless possibilities and being brave enough to shine through.

While I may not know what the future holds, one thing I do know is that wherever my yoga journey takes me, I will forever cherish this amazing journey.

You are loved, all is well.

Thank you for following along on one of the most exciting and life changing experiences of my life and be sure to stay tuned for lots of exciting things I have planned up my sleeve in the upcoming months!

With love and gratitude,


ANNDDDDDD just as a side note, the adventures do not end here!! Jess lands in BALI in 4 short days and I cannot even control my excitement. Five weeks without seeing my wife and I am going nutso. Stay tuned for some of our adventures throughout Bali (a short pit stop in Singapore) and then Thailand!!

Yoga Beyond – Day 23

Well, what can I say? My heart is so full 💗. We are day 23 of our teacher training and in 2 short days it will all be over.

Today was a big day for me – I had my practical exam! We were split into groups of 6 and had to teach the other 20 students (and our teachers) a 90 minute vinyasa class. It was split up so we all had a 15 minute time slot that we needed to fill.. alone.. in front of everyone!! Not going to lie – I was super nervous. BUT, I had no reason to be because it went sooo well. Our group meshed amazing together and everything flowed really nice. The time I spent in the front teaching alone seemed to fly by and it felt good to be able to find my own teaching voice.

It’s so weird to think that only a few short weeks ago, the thought of stepping in front of the room and teaching a class TERRIFIED me. I felt like I didn’t have enough information or wouldn’t know what to say to guide a group of people through a class. Today, it was like every single puzzle piece came together and fit perfectly. All the information we learned and all the cues and anatomy and postures and the list goes on and on.. it just clicked… and everything fell into perfect harmony.

Tomorrow we write our written exam after our daily morning practice and then that’s all she wrote, folks! I believe they may have some fun stuff planned for tomorrow afternoon/evening but they have been pretty secretive so I’m not sure the details on that. The day after tomorrow is our graduation day and is actually only half a day! Things will wrap up around lunch and then we will all go our separate ways – some flying back home and others doing a bit more travelling.

These past few days in particular have been a growing experience for me. Not only am I feeling my strongest physically, but also mentally. My mind has been full of reflection and meditation. There were a few lectures we had that really dug deep and resonated with me on a whole new level. It opened my heart and my soul and taught me to become more vulnerable and enabled me to take a closer look at myself as a whole. I’m so grateful for this journey I am on and will forever carry it with me wherever I may go in life.

When I look back on my time here, I think about how it just feels like yesterday I stepped in the yoga Shala for the first time, meeting all these new wonderful souls. But at the same time, it literally feels like I’ve been here for AGES. I think it’s safe to say that it will definitely be a bittersweet moment on Wednesday when we have to say our goodbyes and part our separate ways!

Although my adventure with Yoga Beyond is coming to a close, a new adventure is soon starting when Jess arrives in Bali on the 6th (cue happy dance!!!). Holy crap, can I just say I am SO excited to have her here with me? To be honest, this training has been so immersive and so intense that I haven’t really had any time to explore or relax. I am so excited that I get to adventure through Bali AND Thailand with my most favorite human in the whole wide world!

I know I haven’t been the most consistent blogger while being here – mostly because I literally get up at 6:00am every morning and our days are jammed full with yoga and lectures and everything in between. However, I know there are some of you who have been following my journey and I thank you for that. It means so much to know there are people who genuinely care how I am making out and I hope you all know that I am sending you all the love and light all the way from Bali 💛

Until next time (and hopefully next time I’ll be a certified yoga teacher!!!!!)


PS just as an update to all those wondering – all of the spiders, frogs, ants, snakes and even monkeys are still present.. and in full swing.

Day 15

Here is a blog post I wrote up yesterday, but because I wasn’t able to connect to the internet, I wasn’t able to post it! Day 15 is here and I cannot believe we only have 11 days left!

Day 14

Happy New year! It is New Year’s Day today in Bali which is also called Nyepi. It is a day for rest, reflection and silence. The island literally shuts down (all restaurants, shops, etc) and the locals remain at home for a day of complete rest. Because our day off is today, we are also respecting and following some of the rules for this holiday. We are not permitted to leave our hotel area, turn on any lights, to speak loudly (or talk at all), no music, no laughing and surprisingly, no happiness (if you can believe it). They’ve also suspended all wifi and they even went as far as shutting down cell towers for cell service!!

I have been taking some time today to rest, to study and do some reflecting. It’s amazing at how quiet it’s been around here without all the loud boats in the port going in and out and even the hustle and bustle around the hotel. All you can really hear is the wind blowing in the trees, the birds chirping, and of course the sounds of all the wildlife.

Since being here and engrossing myself in this yoga training, we’ve had the privileged to partake in some of the local traditions and culture. Yesterday we were very fortunate to partake in a silent march and traditional Balinese offering at a temple following with a balinese cleansing ceremony. These experiences have been so wonderful and it amazes me at how other communities and religions live day to day.

Because yesterday was their New Year’s Eve, there was also a big parade put on bypass the village where they then burned the floats on the beach at the end. I am continually grateful for all of these wonderful experiences that I am getting to witness! We also took the opportunity to explore the village a bit and had supper at a local restaurant (I ordered the catch of the day – so good!) We also picked up a few goodies at a little store to stock up on some food for today as everything was closed!

The yoga training is going amazing as ever and I can’t believe we only have less than two weeks to go. All of the information we have learned the first two weeks are definitely starting to tie everything else in and we have even started practice teaching and creating our own class flows as homework! Another neat class we had the privilege of doing was learning how to give a Thai massage! How amazing is that?

I came to a yoga teacher training but what I am learning goes far and beyond what I ever imagined. Not only am I learning how to teach yoga, I’m growing as an individual, been given tools to look at my world from a different perspective, learning about different cultures, making friendships that will last forever, and most of all, coming home to myself. The world of yoga is so much more than just the physical practice and I am so ready (and excited) for what this journey has in store for me.

Over and out! As I write this I’m currently wrapped up in my bed net in complete and utter darkness (because we’re not allowed to turn on our lights). The moment I got into my room and shone my flashlight to the corner near my bed, my light reflected off the eyes of a very LARGE spider. I turned around to grab the spray and when I turned back, it was gone. Feeling a bit uneasy tonight with not being able to turn on a light switch, and will be very glad to see the light of day tomorrow morning. I can say with confidence that this accommodation experience has definitely made me a stronger individual.

**Just as an update from my last post – the frogs and lizards are now my friends, however I am still petrified of the massive spiders (and still find them daily in my room). I was also trying to be brave one night and go to my villa alone in the dark, however, a green snake caught my eye when I was crossing a path. I stood there frozen in fear.. I was shining my flashlight around and that’s when I saw it.. a baby python 🐍 (I didn’t know it at the time but got a picture and went to reception and they informed me of it). They tried to go back and catch it so they could release it off of the hotel grounds but it got away. Let’s just say I watch where I’m walking at all times.

Love to you all from Bali,


Week 1

Well, it’s official! Week 1 of my yoga teacher training in Bali is officially done! I simply cannot believe that a week has passed and today we kicked off week 2 in full swing!

Every morning we meet in the Yoga Shala just before 7:00AM and start our day off with a 90 minute yoga class. I am fortunate to be at a training where there are 3 teachers so each morning they rotate and we are given the opportunity to learn and grow from each of them. Breakfast is at 8:30AM and by the time it rolls around I am STARVING (hehe). Luckily there is a nice buffet breakfast and I always side it with a cappuccino.. because coffee!

Breakfast runs until 10:00AM and then we are back in the Shala for our first lecture. The first week was heavy on philosophy and the history of Yoga. The amount of information that I’ve been squeezing into my brain is unbelievable! We break for lunch between 1:00-3:00PM and then we are back for lecture number 2. Supper is 6:00-8:00PM and every odd evening we then go until 10:00PM.

So far the training has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been practicing yoga for a number of years but the amount of stuff that I am learning about things I thought I already knew is mind blowing. There is so much to think about each posture and there is always so much going on in the body. It’s amazing at how the shift in perspective at how I know look at different postures and how I activate different muscles in my body.

Yesterday was our first day off (we get one day off every 7 days) so that was really nice. Took my time waking up in the morning, had a slow breakfast and then spent the day chilling on the beach and then switched things up by the pool. Of course some yoga was still involved but it was nice to give my body some much needed R and R and was cool to do a bit of exploring off of the resort.

I am sure some of you are wondering how the accommodations are treating me since my last blog post. I am not sure I can say that things have IMPROVED, but more I believe I’m coming to terms with everything that I am seeing every night. To be quite honest with you all, the first few nights were a really big struggle for me. Which basically meant I cried when the sun went down and got about 3 hrs of sleep most nights. The Bloo Lagoon is a beautiful ecoresort and it truly is an experience to live WITHIN nature. However, coming to terms with the many critters in my room proved to be a bit of a challenge.

Our villa truly is a beautiful spot (dare I say.. in the daylight??). The living space is completely open and the terrace overlooks the port. The water is light blue and the sky lights up at night. Each room has a traditional style Balinese bathroom which means my toilet, shower and sink are all outside. The green lush bushes and trees surrounded the tub and toilet are beautiful.. but it also means they house a LOT of bugs (hehe). The walls unfortunately do not go all the way to the top of the roof which means nature can come and go as it pleases from outside… to the inside of my bedroom.

The shocker for me was the size of the spiders here. I hate seeing small spiders at home.. so you can only imagine my reaction when I saw a spider bigger than my hand.. in my bedroom. Their favorite time to come out is in the dark as well.. just in time to crawl into bed (not ideal). I was also blessed (sarcasm) to have woken up to TWO big millipedes crawling INSIDE my bed net one night… which left me shedding a few tears and up for the rest of the night.

So we have some large spiders, some millipedes.. then the lizards and geckos. And when I say lizards I mean like big big lizards. And lizards that like to hang out behind my headboard and on my ceiling. I was uneasy at first, but I’ve come to appreciate them as they eat the insects. I’ve named the lizard Jim (see photo). Along with all this, we also have a lot of frogs. Well I do. My room is actually right outside of a pond with a lot of lily pads so a lot of the frogs enjoy to spend their weekend together time in my bedroom (and also in my bathtub and sink). Typically there are two that like to hang out in my room but unfortunately the other night they invited their whole family and I had to get someone to come and remove all of them from my bedroom.

I have been blessed to not have encountered any snakes or scorpions and I hope it remains that way for the remainder of the training!

So far, the training has not only physically challenged me, but also mentally. It definitely stirs up a lot of emotions and really forces you to crack open and dig deeper into your inner self. I’m grateful to have met some really wonderful people so far and everyone in my class comes from different spots around the world with all kinds of different backgrounds. It amazing at what we can all bring to the table and how awesome things are when we work together.

The training has been an absolutely dream so far and I am enjoying every second of it. We’ve started practice teaching already and while I’m SUPER nervous; it has been going well so far.

This evening we were able to attend a traditional Balinese dance down in the village and it was very interesting to see how their culture differs from ours and the different rituals and practices they do.

Tomorrow we are back into full swing with things. I hope all is well with you – wherever you are reading this from, and just know that I miss every single one of you very much!

Until next time,


Bloo Lagoon 🦎

Hello all,

I’ve safely arrived at the Bloo Lagoon in Padangbai and I’ve officially completely Day 1 of my yoga teacher training! Can’t believe it has FINALLY arrived. Yesterday I was very happy to meet up with all the other people in the training and it was so nice to finally have some human interaction again!

It is currently 6:05AM and I am writing from inside my bed net. The Bloo lagoon is an eco-resort and overlooks the ocean. I literally felt like we were driving up a mountain when we were arriving so the views are quite spectacular! I also noticed that it is much HOTTER here than the other two spots I stayed and the humidity is through the roof (it’s just a perma sweat going on 24/7 and for all you that know how I’m constantly cold?? Yeah.. that doesn’t exist here 😂). The view from my house is amazing and just breathtaking in the daylight.

Yesterday we met in the Yoga Shala at 3:00 and we had a welcome traditional dance done by two Balinese girls and then we did lots of introductions and just the nitty gritty of the course. Also, fun fact – I’m the only one from Canada! There is literally people from all over the world I think they said yesterday that we cover over 10 countries!! How cool is that? After we did all the intros and such, we had a one hour yoga class which was amazing, and ended our day with dinner (I tried a Balinese vegetable curry and it was DELICIOUS).

Alright.. I’m going to be up front and honest with you all now. When I returned to my villa after supper, I sortve panicked.. because this is an eco-friendly and live within nature kind of resort, it means our villas are quite open – allowing all sorts of nature to come and go as they please. Including my bedroom 😳. One of the girls at supper mentioned she had a snake in her luggage when she returned to her room and another said the spiders are very large. I, luckily, had not experienced any wildlife, even so I haven’t seen a mosquito yet! However, getting back to my room was a bit of a different story.

I stood in the middle of my bedroom and contemplated life for a while.. HAHA. I didn’t know what to do or where I should go. I forgot to note that the bathroom is completely outdoors, and quite dark.. and I had to pee. So that was a problem. Eventually, I told myself well you need to pee. So I slid the door and went to lift the toilet seat.. and as I made that noise I must have startled the very large black spider the side of my entire hand that was right above me 😭😭 oh my. I ran back in my room and slid the door shut (and when I say close the door really things can come and go as they please but it’s more for my peace of mind LOL). Anyways I braved it again and peed and all was well and I didn’t die and that was great. I however was too scared to wash my face or brush my teeth (ya I know I work in the dental field and didn’t brush my teeth that’s how scared I was).

The next was my bedroom. I found three large red worm/centipede like things crawling around so that was not fun. And I also made the mistake of looking under my bed with a flashlight and I’m happy to report there are about 7 very large spiders living under my bed.. all which are still present at the moment. The bed comes with a netting so I literally have the net tucked under my mattress every which way and pretty much have a little nest going if you want to call it that. (I also slept with a light on for the few hours I slept).

Okay, so you’re all probably reading this and thinking I’m a baby. But I’m serious the fear I had last evening was real (just ask Jessica or my parents LOL the poor souls). I am thankful that I got some rest and I’m even more thankful the sun is coming up which means I can escape from this bed. Coming from Canada and the climate we have, I am not used to these very large insects (there are also a LOT of small lizards and monkeys). I am happy to report however that I did indeed survive the first night and have 26 more to go!!

I don’t have many pictures to post to include this time but hoping to snap a lot more today. We start at 7 and go right until 10PM so it will be a long day.

Wish me luck as I’m going to go and attempt to take a shower outside LOL and get ready for the day!

Bye from Bali!!



Yesterday I moved hotels and made the trek from Kuta to Ubud! I had a shuttle picking me up and it ended up only being myself and the driver the whole way! I sat in the front and we chatted for most of the drive. He talked about Bali, where he was from and gave me lots of helpful hints and all the different foods I should try! So far all of the locals have been beyond friendly to me so that has been really nice! Also, the driving here is NUTS!! Not only do they drive on the opposite side of the road from us, but the steering wheel is also opposite. All of the scooters weave in and out of the traffic and when you come to intersections, instead of there being traffic lights people just put their four ways on and inch out and hope to get through 😳 Jess and I talked about renting a car for a day to do some exploring but there’s no way we would survive driving in this haha!!

The hotel I am staying at right now is right off the main road, however you would never know it. It feels like I’m in the jungle! There is trees everywhere and because I’m close to the monkey forest, the monkeys actually come and hang out around the hotel. When I was checking into my room, the lady informed me not to leave anything on the balcony as the monkeys like to steal things!! I ended up doing close to 2 hours of yoga on my balcony outside and didn’t spot one monkey so I thought hmm.. maybe it’s not actually that common. I soon realized that I was wrong when I was reading by the pool and looked up and about 10 monkeys, all different sizes were running long the outskirts. Two of them were chasing each other and were jumping over my head in the trees – it kind of made me nervous!! (For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I have a highlight story on my profile and I posted a video of them playing above my head!!). Since then, I’ve had regular visitors on my balcony and not gonna lie I’m a bit nervous to open the glass doors now 😳

My pool time ended quickly as it started to downpour rain (and I mean downpour) so I spent a few hours in my room finishing up the last required reading for my training! The time change is still messing with me so I was quite tired and thought about eating a cliff bar and calling it a night (hehe) but I’m glad I didn’t. I decided to take a walk down to a restaurant called the Three Monkeys and it did not disappoint! I ordered my first beer (it was heavenly) and I got some bruschetta and spring rolls. Everything was Devine!

This morning I was woken up just before 6 by all the wildlife. There’s a rooster somewhere that’s still going crazy! My hotel comes with a free breakfast this morning so I’m looking forward to that! You eat right outside (I just hope the monkeys don’t steal my food hehe). After that, I hope to do a bit of exploring today. It’s pretty cloudy out there so I hope the rain holds off! Tonight is my last night here and tomorrow I head to Padangbai and settle in at the Bloo Lagoon where I’ll be until March 29th!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for my training to start. As excited as I am (believe me I’m excited), I sometimes have a hard time fearing the unknown. I know it’s going to be perfect when I get there and get settled and honestly, Yoga for a whole MONTH!? Can it get any better than that?? I don’t think so.

To give you all an idea of how my days are going to be, I thought I would share my daily schedule!

7:00-8:30 AM – morning yoga practice and meditation

8:30-10:00 AM – breakfast

10:00-11:30 AM – morning session #1

11:30-1:00 PM – morning session #2

1:00-3:00 PM – lunch time

3:00-6:00 PM – afternoon session

6:00-8:00 PM – dinner

8:00-10:00 PM – Evening session

So this pretty much sums up my next month. I’m pretty sure we get one day off every 7 days. When I initially told people I was going to Bali for a month to do my yoga training I think some people pictured a vacation in paradise! Although I am most definitely in paradise, these next few weeks will not be a vacation. That being said, my days however will be filled with all the things I love (Yoga) but there will be lots of learning and studying involved too!

Again, thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes and kind messages over the last few days! They are much appreciated!!

Love to you all!