Singapore ✌🏼

Jess and I ended up having a 24hr layover in Singapore on our travels from Bali to Thailand and were very fortunate to be able to spend a bit of time in this beautiful spot!

Although we were there for literally a day (so a very quick visit), I thought it would be fun to do a quick blurb on some things I learned during our adventures.


1- Beer is very expensive.. like 16 CAD dollars for a glass expensive.

2- It is a very tourist friendly area with lots of walking trails and options to rent bicycles and scooters.

3- I felt safe there the entire time, even when we were walking back to our hotel late at night.

4- When it rains.. it POURS.

5- Beware of the sketchy street rice with unknown meat mixed in (may have contributed to some sore bellies).

6- All of the buildings and architecture are beautiful!! Very modern and futuresque.

7- The gardens downtown were absolutely stunning.. oh and they have very large lizards!

8- The Singapore dollar is basically 1:1 with the Canadian dollar!

9- Their Starbucks had a really good cookies and cream muffins filled with chocolate (I drool).

10- Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to live!

While Singapore may not be a spot that we would return to for a long stay, I’m really glad we had the chance to do some exploring around the main areas. We had a lovely time visiting the gardens, doing all the touristy things, watching the light show at night on the water and finishing it off with a lovely meal (and of course grabbing some Starbucks for good measure on the way to the airport the next morning!)

Now that we can check Singapore off our list of places we’ve been.. I wonder where to next?

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