Sanur, solo travelling and that wife life 🌏

Oh Sanur! I’ve enjoyed my short time here immensely! From all the little coffee spots, the yummy foods and of course friendly people. It’s definitely not as busy as Ubud (which I love) but there are still plenty of things around to do and lots to see.

I chose to visit Sanur because I read up on it as a “old beach town” and that pretty much summed it up for me! I didn’t come here and expect to do much other than relax and reflect and stick my nose in a book. Every morning after breakfast I’ve been walking down to the beach and plunking myself down in the sand. I absolutely love being by the ocean – there is something so soothing about hearing the waves crash on the shore… maybe it reminds me of home?

The beach has been quiet in the mornings which I love. Not many people around. Because of Bali’s problem with the amount of plastic and no way of getting rid of it, it has made me sad to see the amount of trash around the areas I’ve visited – especially the beaches. During my training we actually did a beach clean up at two different beaches and the amount of garbage was unbelievable. We were in the water picking up the plastic bags, cups, straws just about everything you could imagine and just when I thought I got it all, I would turn back around and another wave would bring more stuff in. It definitely has been an eye opening experience for me and has made me think twice about that plastic straw in my drink or the plastic bag I get from the supermarket.

Anyways, back to Sanur’s beach, I was surprised with the cleanliness compared to the other beaches in Padangbai we visited! It’s a long stretch of soft, white sand and the areas I walked were pretty clear of trash. A few straws here and there but for the most part it was ok. I noticed a few plastic bags floating in the water while I was swimming but nowhere near to what I saw at the previous beaches. Perhaps they are better at hiding it here? Or maybe they are more conscious of the plastic. Either way – it was a better beach experience and gave me peace of mind (even though I’m sure at the bottom of the ocean there is more than what’s visible to the naked eye).

Apart from the beach, I’ve been spending some time lounging by my hotel pool which is quite lovely. They have large loungers with comfy cushions and play music at the pool bar (multiple Taylor Swift songs played so I was a happy camper).

The food around here (from what I’ve experienced so far) is delicious. A lot of cute coffee spots and a lot of restaurants use all fresh, natural ingredients! I also hit up this Italian spot one night for wood fire pizza and it was so tasty. They also had a gelato bar which had over 50 flavours of gelato so naturally I had to get dessert on the way out 😏

So back to the “old beach town”, I would say that pretty much sums up my experience here so far. Lots of rest and relaxation and of course reading. Being a solo traveller, I’ve not once felt unsafe or in danger during my travels through Bali. Every single person here has been friendly and even walking alone at night I don’t get that “creepy” feeling you get sometimes in the pit of your stomach.

Which brings me to the next topic I wanted to discuss (I briefly mentioned it over on my Instagram post yesterday.


Ooooof. What can I say? Not going to lie I used to envy solo travellers. Not that I wanted to purposely leave my loved ones behind and go on a trip all by myself, but I found it brave and daring to jump on a plane and explore the world all alone.

My whole journey hasn’t been a solo one, however I’ve had time alone before my course started, and now, waiting for Jess to arrive. I’ve always enjoyed my own company and often describe myself as more of an independent person. However, these past few days I’ve come to realize that solo travelling is just not for me (AND THATS OKAY!!).

I’ve very much appreciated all the time I’ve spent with my thoughts, and I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone (travelling or at home).. however, I am ready for some much needed company from my wife. I was sitting at a restaurant the other night staring at the empty chair across from me while surrounded by all these tables of people chatting and laughing, eating a delicious pizza, only to think.. well this sorta stinks! One may call me selfish.. and don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for all of the things I’ve seen and experiences I’ve been able to do.. but the thing is.. I wish I had someone to share all of these things with! And so while I may not be envious of solo travelling anymore.. kudos to all you peeps out there that love it and continue to explore the globe alone! 🌏

And all I’ve got to say is hurry up Jess and get your ass over here so we can start adventuring the world together!! The countdown is almost over because TOMORROW NIGHT I pick Jess up at the Bali airport!!!

I’m not going to lie, being apart for these past five weeks have been very hard on me. When I decided to embark on my yoga journey, I had a lot of fears and a lot of doubts. There is one thing though, that I never feared or never doubted, and that was our relationship. When people heard we would be separated for almost six weeks, they always asked me, “how are you going to manage to be apart for that long?”. To be honest, I just k n e w that we would be okay. ✨

The gratefulness I feel to have someone wholeheartedly believe in me and support all my hopes and dreams is truly the best feeling in the entire world. This whole process of being apart and trusting the journey has provided me with a complete and utter unwavering trust in our relationship and love. I am so blessed to have found someone who loves me as I am, who pushes me to be the very best version of myself, and who encourages me to fly literally across the globe to follow my dreams. Oh, and you know the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder”? Whoever said that was 110% correct.

So here I am, waiting patiently for one more day to pass until we are finally reunited!!

Well, this post turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, so if you made it to the end THANK YOU. Although I’ve already been gone for a month, the second half of my trip is just about to start! Bali, Singapore and Thailand.. here we come! 🤟🏼🤟🏼

With love and gratitude,


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