Day 15

Here is a blog post I wrote up yesterday, but because I wasn’t able to connect to the internet, I wasn’t able to post it! Day 15 is here and I cannot believe we only have 11 days left!

Day 14

Happy New year! It is New Year’s Day today in Bali which is also called Nyepi. It is a day for rest, reflection and silence. The island literally shuts down (all restaurants, shops, etc) and the locals remain at home for a day of complete rest. Because our day off is today, we are also respecting and following some of the rules for this holiday. We are not permitted to leave our hotel area, turn on any lights, to speak loudly (or talk at all), no music, no laughing and surprisingly, no happiness (if you can believe it). They’ve also suspended all wifi and they even went as far as shutting down cell towers for cell service!!

I have been taking some time today to rest, to study and do some reflecting. It’s amazing at how quiet it’s been around here without all the loud boats in the port going in and out and even the hustle and bustle around the hotel. All you can really hear is the wind blowing in the trees, the birds chirping, and of course the sounds of all the wildlife.

Since being here and engrossing myself in this yoga training, we’ve had the privileged to partake in some of the local traditions and culture. Yesterday we were very fortunate to partake in a silent march and traditional Balinese offering at a temple following with a balinese cleansing ceremony. These experiences have been so wonderful and it amazes me at how other communities and religions live day to day.

Because yesterday was their New Year’s Eve, there was also a big parade put on bypass the village where they then burned the floats on the beach at the end. I am continually grateful for all of these wonderful experiences that I am getting to witness! We also took the opportunity to explore the village a bit and had supper at a local restaurant (I ordered the catch of the day – so good!) We also picked up a few goodies at a little store to stock up on some food for today as everything was closed!

The yoga training is going amazing as ever and I can’t believe we only have less than two weeks to go. All of the information we have learned the first two weeks are definitely starting to tie everything else in and we have even started practice teaching and creating our own class flows as homework! Another neat class we had the privilege of doing was learning how to give a Thai massage! How amazing is that?

I came to a yoga teacher training but what I am learning goes far and beyond what I ever imagined. Not only am I learning how to teach yoga, I’m growing as an individual, been given tools to look at my world from a different perspective, learning about different cultures, making friendships that will last forever, and most of all, coming home to myself. The world of yoga is so much more than just the physical practice and I am so ready (and excited) for what this journey has in store for me.

Over and out! As I write this I’m currently wrapped up in my bed net in complete and utter darkness (because we’re not allowed to turn on our lights). The moment I got into my room and shone my flashlight to the corner near my bed, my light reflected off the eyes of a very LARGE spider. I turned around to grab the spray and when I turned back, it was gone. Feeling a bit uneasy tonight with not being able to turn on a light switch, and will be very glad to see the light of day tomorrow morning. I can say with confidence that this accommodation experience has definitely made me a stronger individual.

**Just as an update from my last post – the frogs and lizards are now my friends, however I am still petrified of the massive spiders (and still find them daily in my room). I was also trying to be brave one night and go to my villa alone in the dark, however, a green snake caught my eye when I was crossing a path. I stood there frozen in fear.. I was shining my flashlight around and that’s when I saw it.. a baby python 🐍 (I didn’t know it at the time but got a picture and went to reception and they informed me of it). They tried to go back and catch it so they could release it off of the hotel grounds but it got away. Let’s just say I watch where I’m walking at all times.

Love to you all from Bali,


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