Week 1

Well, it’s official! Week 1 of my yoga teacher training in Bali is officially done! I simply cannot believe that a week has passed and today we kicked off week 2 in full swing!

Every morning we meet in the Yoga Shala just before 7:00AM and start our day off with a 90 minute yoga class. I am fortunate to be at a training where there are 3 teachers so each morning they rotate and we are given the opportunity to learn and grow from each of them. Breakfast is at 8:30AM and by the time it rolls around I am STARVING (hehe). Luckily there is a nice buffet breakfast and I always side it with a cappuccino.. because coffee!

Breakfast runs until 10:00AM and then we are back in the Shala for our first lecture. The first week was heavy on philosophy and the history of Yoga. The amount of information that I’ve been squeezing into my brain is unbelievable! We break for lunch between 1:00-3:00PM and then we are back for lecture number 2. Supper is 6:00-8:00PM and every odd evening we then go until 10:00PM.

So far the training has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been practicing yoga for a number of years but the amount of stuff that I am learning about things I thought I already knew is mind blowing. There is so much to think about each posture and there is always so much going on in the body. It’s amazing at how the shift in perspective at how I know look at different postures and how I activate different muscles in my body.

Yesterday was our first day off (we get one day off every 7 days) so that was really nice. Took my time waking up in the morning, had a slow breakfast and then spent the day chilling on the beach and then switched things up by the pool. Of course some yoga was still involved but it was nice to give my body some much needed R and R and was cool to do a bit of exploring off of the resort.

I am sure some of you are wondering how the accommodations are treating me since my last blog post. I am not sure I can say that things have IMPROVED, but more I believe I’m coming to terms with everything that I am seeing every night. To be quite honest with you all, the first few nights were a really big struggle for me. Which basically meant I cried when the sun went down and got about 3 hrs of sleep most nights. The Bloo Lagoon is a beautiful ecoresort and it truly is an experience to live WITHIN nature. However, coming to terms with the many critters in my room proved to be a bit of a challenge.

Our villa truly is a beautiful spot (dare I say.. in the daylight??). The living space is completely open and the terrace overlooks the port. The water is light blue and the sky lights up at night. Each room has a traditional style Balinese bathroom which means my toilet, shower and sink are all outside. The green lush bushes and trees surrounded the tub and toilet are beautiful.. but it also means they house a LOT of bugs (hehe). The walls unfortunately do not go all the way to the top of the roof which means nature can come and go as it pleases from outside… to the inside of my bedroom.

The shocker for me was the size of the spiders here. I hate seeing small spiders at home.. so you can only imagine my reaction when I saw a spider bigger than my hand.. in my bedroom. Their favorite time to come out is in the dark as well.. just in time to crawl into bed (not ideal). I was also blessed (sarcasm) to have woken up to TWO big millipedes crawling INSIDE my bed net one night… which left me shedding a few tears and up for the rest of the night.

So we have some large spiders, some millipedes.. then the lizards and geckos. And when I say lizards I mean like big big lizards. And lizards that like to hang out behind my headboard and on my ceiling. I was uneasy at first, but I’ve come to appreciate them as they eat the insects. I’ve named the lizard Jim (see photo). Along with all this, we also have a lot of frogs. Well I do. My room is actually right outside of a pond with a lot of lily pads so a lot of the frogs enjoy to spend their weekend together time in my bedroom (and also in my bathtub and sink). Typically there are two that like to hang out in my room but unfortunately the other night they invited their whole family and I had to get someone to come and remove all of them from my bedroom.

I have been blessed to not have encountered any snakes or scorpions and I hope it remains that way for the remainder of the training!

So far, the training has not only physically challenged me, but also mentally. It definitely stirs up a lot of emotions and really forces you to crack open and dig deeper into your inner self. I’m grateful to have met some really wonderful people so far and everyone in my class comes from different spots around the world with all kinds of different backgrounds. It amazing at what we can all bring to the table and how awesome things are when we work together.

The training has been an absolutely dream so far and I am enjoying every second of it. We’ve started practice teaching already and while I’m SUPER nervous; it has been going well so far.

This evening we were able to attend a traditional Balinese dance down in the village and it was very interesting to see how their culture differs from ours and the different rituals and practices they do.

Tomorrow we are back into full swing with things. I hope all is well with you – wherever you are reading this from, and just know that I miss every single one of you very much!

Until next time,


3 Replies to “Week 1”

  1. Chloe, glad your doing well. Loving your blog and pictures. Keep up the great work.
    By the time your training is done there you will have a village of critters. Lol

    Take care


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