Bloo Lagoon 🦎

Hello all,

I’ve safely arrived at the Bloo Lagoon in Padangbai and I’ve officially completely Day 1 of my yoga teacher training! Can’t believe it has FINALLY arrived. Yesterday I was very happy to meet up with all the other people in the training and it was so nice to finally have some human interaction again!

It is currently 6:05AM and I am writing from inside my bed net. The Bloo lagoon is an eco-resort and overlooks the ocean. I literally felt like we were driving up a mountain when we were arriving so the views are quite spectacular! I also noticed that it is much HOTTER here than the other two spots I stayed and the humidity is through the roof (it’s just a perma sweat going on 24/7 and for all you that know how I’m constantly cold?? Yeah.. that doesn’t exist here πŸ˜‚). The view from my house is amazing and just breathtaking in the daylight.

Yesterday we met in the Yoga Shala at 3:00 and we had a welcome traditional dance done by two Balinese girls and then we did lots of introductions and just the nitty gritty of the course. Also, fun fact – I’m the only one from Canada! There is literally people from all over the world I think they said yesterday that we cover over 10 countries!! How cool is that? After we did all the intros and such, we had a one hour yoga class which was amazing, and ended our day with dinner (I tried a Balinese vegetable curry and it was DELICIOUS).

Alright.. I’m going to be up front and honest with you all now. When I returned to my villa after supper, I sortve panicked.. because this is an eco-friendly and live within nature kind of resort, it means our villas are quite open – allowing all sorts of nature to come and go as they please. Including my bedroom 😳. One of the girls at supper mentioned she had a snake in her luggage when she returned to her room and another said the spiders are very large. I, luckily, had not experienced any wildlife, even so I haven’t seen a mosquito yet! However, getting back to my room was a bit of a different story.

I stood in the middle of my bedroom and contemplated life for a while.. HAHA. I didn’t know what to do or where I should go. I forgot to note that the bathroom is completely outdoors, and quite dark.. and I had to pee. So that was a problem. Eventually, I told myself well you need to pee. So I slid the door and went to lift the toilet seat.. and as I made that noise I must have startled the very large black spider the side of my entire hand that was right above me 😭😭 oh my. I ran back in my room and slid the door shut (and when I say close the door really things can come and go as they please but it’s more for my peace of mind LOL). Anyways I braved it again and peed and all was well and I didn’t die and that was great. I however was too scared to wash my face or brush my teeth (ya I know I work in the dental field and didn’t brush my teeth that’s how scared I was).

The next was my bedroom. I found three large red worm/centipede like things crawling around so that was not fun. And I also made the mistake of looking under my bed with a flashlight and I’m happy to report there are about 7 very large spiders living under my bed.. all which are still present at the moment. The bed comes with a netting so I literally have the net tucked under my mattress every which way and pretty much have a little nest going if you want to call it that. (I also slept with a light on for the few hours I slept).

Okay, so you’re all probably reading this and thinking I’m a baby. But I’m serious the fear I had last evening was real (just ask Jessica or my parents LOL the poor souls). I am thankful that I got some rest and I’m even more thankful the sun is coming up which means I can escape from this bed. Coming from Canada and the climate we have, I am not used to these very large insects (there are also a LOT of small lizards and monkeys). I am happy to report however that I did indeed survive the first night and have 26 more to go!!

I don’t have many pictures to post to include this time but hoping to snap a lot more today. We start at 7 and go right until 10PM so it will be a long day.

Wish me luck as I’m going to go and attempt to take a shower outside LOL and get ready for the day!

Bye from Bali!!


4 Replies to “Bloo Lagoon 🦎”

  1. Oh Chloe! I feel for you having to be THAT up close and personal with “nature”. This experience is going to expand and stretch you in ways you may not have expected! On the bright side, I bet after 26 more days you are going to be way more relaxed about “nature”. Your bedroom looks sweet.

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