2018 – NEW YEAR, NEW ME?

With the start of every new year, the slogan “New Year, New Me” seems to be a popular one. In fact, there have been plenty of times that I too have started off the New Year saying that exact same thing.

But why?

Why do we feel it to be necessary to find a ‘new’ self at the beginning of each year, as if we are not already good enough? This year, 2018 for me is “New Year SAME Me”. 2017 was a year full of adventures, everlasting love and a LOT of self growth. I have grown not only as a person, but as a wife, a daughter and as a friend. I learned how to stand a little bit taller and a little bit prouder. I grew more of a backbone and learned to believe more in myself and stick up for what I believe in. I gained life experiences, took risks and most of all listened to my heart and began to follow my dreams.

2018 is a year where all of this will continue.. I will continue sticking up for myself.. I will continue to follow my dreams.. But most of all, I will continue being my most authentic self (and be proud of it).

What will 2018 bring for you?


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