Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be able to do the splits. For a brief period, I did do gymnastics along with some synchronized swimming, but never was able to get my full split. The physio told me I had tight and shortened hamstrings which was why my posture sucked and why I couldn’t touch my toes. I basically took that as a “you’ll never be able to do the splits”.

Over the years, I dealt with some lower back issues. Pain and limited mobility. It wasn’t until I pursued Dental Hygiene that it really took a toll on my day to day life. That’s when yoga came into the picture. I joined a local studio and fell in love right away. I started doing some basic stretching daily, and the progress in my flexibility was incredible! Not only could I touch my toes, my back was feeling 100x better.

Fast forward to today and my journey is still ongoing. I am so unbelievably happy at where I am today and all the progress that I’ve made over the years. There’s definitely been sweat, and some tears, but everything has brought me to where I am today.

I don’t have my full splits just yet, but I am headed that way (I hope!!). Who doesn’t love some progress pictures??

January 2015
April 2016
April 2016
February 2017
March 2017

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